This panel will allow you to create and modify groups and their properties. It will also allow you to control Group Permissions. For more information, see 4.4 Usergroups.

3.3.1: Group Management Creating Groups
To create a group, go the Group Management panel and click Create New Group. Here you may input the properties of your new group. For more information, see Editing Groups below. Editing Groups
In this panel you can change the properties of a group. You may control the name and description of the group, how membership is handled, and who is in charge of the group.

Group Name – Short name, uniquely identifies the group.

Group Description – Text that describes the group. The description is seen when the group’s details are viewed.

Group Moderator – Username of the user in charge of the group. The group moderator can add/remove users from the group. The group moderator may also control the group status. (For more information, see 4.4 Usergroups)

Group Status – May be one of three settings: Open, Closed, or Hidden. For more information, see Group Types (Open, Hidden, Closed).

Delete the old group moderator? – When you change the group moderator, check this to remove the old group moderator from the group. If this is unchecked when the moderator is changed, the old group moderator will become a normal member of the group.

Delete group – Check this box and click Submit to delete the group.

3.3.2: Group Permissions
This panel will allow you to control a group’s access to private forums. It will also let you specify groups as moderators of a forum. If a group is moderator of a forum, then each of the group’s members is considered a moderator of that forum.

To edit a group’s permissions, select the group name from the dropdown box, and click Look Up Group. To grant moderator access to a group, look in the desired forum’s row. In the last dropdown box in the list, choose Is Moderator. Simple Group Permissions
To grant a group access to a private forum using Simple Permissions, Choose Allowed Access in the Simple Permissions for that forum. Choosing Allowed Access is the same as setting all Advanced Group Permissions to ON.